1. Definitions
    • “The Photographer” refers to Aaron Roberts (ROBERTS AARON LEE PERSOANĂ FIZICĂ AUTORIZATĂ – CUI: 41431477).
    • “The Client” refers to any individual, group of individuals, firm, or company that enters into any agreement for the purchase of goods or the provision of services by the Photographer.
  2. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

    The engagement of the Photographer’s services and the use of provided images constitutes an agreement to the terms and conditions outlined herein.

  3. Copyright and Ownership
    • Copyright of the photographs remains with the Photographer. An assignment of copyright is only valid when made expressly in writing through the “Assignment of Copyright” document.
    • According to relevant legislation, reproduction of any images without the proper license is unlawful.
    • Unauthorised alterations, transformations, or use of the photographs may result in additional charges.
    • The Photographer reserves the right to delete original files 30 days post-delivery, without requiring consent or approval.
    • Specific terms and conditions for TFCD sessions are available at ALR Photography – TFCD Terms.
  4. Cancellation Fees / Overruns

    In cases of cancellations or postponements due to weather conditions, the Photographer may charge the full fee and expenses. This is regarded as a cancellation within 24 hours of the service delivery as detailed in our Payments, Charges and Cancellations terms.

    Additional charges may be incurred for expenses or if an assignment extends beyond the control of the Photographer (e.g., additional photographs requested beyond the original brief).

    More details regarding cancellation charges are available at ALR Photography – Charges.

  5. Payment Terms
    • Payment for services is due within 5 days upon completion of the assignment or service delivery.
    • Late payments may incur an interest charge of 5% per month on the outstanding balance.
  6. Retention of Title

    All materials produced by the Photographer remain the property of the Photographer until full payment is received.

    The license to reproduce images is also withheld until full payment is made.

  7. Fees and Expenses

    Quotes are based on the initial job description and specifications provided by the Client. Changes to these may result in additional charges.

    The Photographer will endeavour to provide an estimate of these additional charges where possible.

  8. Representation

    The Client is responsible for ensuring the presence of an authorised representative at the assignment to confirm the Photographer’s interpretation of the brief. In the absence of such representation, the Photographer’s understanding of the brief will be deemed accurate.

  9. Confidentiality

    The Photographer agrees to keep any information deemed confidential by the Client private, except as required by law, upon the Client’s request.

  10. Conduct

    The Client is responsible for the conduct of any persons accompanying them. Unruly or unsafe behaviour may lead to termination of the assignment. In such cases, the Photographer reserves the right to charge full fees and expenses as per clause 4.

  11. Delivery of Products and Services

    The Photographer provides products and services on a best endeavours basis and is not liable for delays beyond reasonable control.

    Reasonable endeavours will be made to meet deadlines. However, the Photographer is not liable for delays due to factors beyond reasonable control (e.g., postal delays, adverse weather).

  12. Prices & Terms

    Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

    These Terms and Conditions may be amended by the Photographer without prior notice.

By engaging with the services of the Photographer, the Client acknowledges and agrees to these terms and conditions.