Birthdays & Celebrations

Preserve your Birthday or Celebration with one of my competitively priced event packages, capturing the essence of your special moments as they occur.

Tailoring the service to your exact requirements, I ensure that the final results align perfectly with both your and your attendees’ expectations.

Knowing the importance of promptly sharing these moments, I carefully edit and typically release all selected photographs within 24 hours following the event, so you can share them with your friends and family as soon as possible.

Day Events

Between 9AM – 6PM
85.00 Lei / hour

Regardless of the location—outdoors or indoors—I am confident you’ll be thrilled with the outcomes! My event package is billed on an hourly basis for services rendered between 9AM and 6PM.

Night Events

Between 6PM – 9AM
100.00 Lei / hour

Celebrating until the early hours? No worries at all! I assure you that no moment will go uncaptured! For those late-night festivities, my event package is hourly for services between 6AM and 9AM.

Your photos will be processed and available for download within 24 hours after the event concludes!

Please be aware that an additional charge of 4.50 Lei per kilometer traveled from the photographer’s base may be applied, though you will be informed in advance since this does not apply to all events.