Whether it’s a celebration, live performance or something more specialised. ALR Photography will definitely look forwards to capturing the magic as it unfolds.

ALR Photography’s event services are provided tailored to the clients requirements and we have had enormous success with providing coverage for both public and public events.

Event photography pricing is very competitive and services range depending on the particular event, location and amount of attendees.

Birthdays & Celebrations - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

Birthdays & Celebrations

Prices Starting From

45 Lei

Per Hour

ALR Photography offers some fantastic pricing for Birthday & Celebrations with 24 hour turnaround!

Guaranteed to keep you smiling a long time after the event has finished, we guarantee that you will love the results. You can’t afford to miss out!

Special Events - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

Special Events

Prices Starting From

40 Lei

Per Hour

Whether it is a social gathering or a public event. ALR Photography offers a range of suitable solutions for capturing your event.

Some services may be provided free of charge. Just send your request to find out if your event qualifies.

Inna - Live Performances - ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts

Live Performances

Prices Starting From

50 Lei

Per Hour

Relive an amazing performance with ALR Photography’s competitive live performance packages.

Whether you’re the organiser, the performer or just a fan, get in contact to request your tailored event package and experience the performance long after it has finished.