Aaron Roberts

The face of ALR Photography

My name is Aaron Roberts. I’m a photographer now based in Cluj-Napoca. I’ve lived in Bristol my entire life up until I moved to Romania in 2013 and have plans to travel to various areas of the world and exploring my passion which is Photography

Shooting professionally since 2010, it is my ambition to make photography my full time occupation and kick the typical 9 to 5 style working life!

My passion for Photography started during my childhood when I would explore urban sites and photograph derelict locations and places that were typically off-limits to passers-by. Some of which have since been wiped away.

Shooting under the Alias ALR Photography, I have worked with a series of different models, helping them build their portfolios whilst expanding my own.


I have a varied style of photography, usually tailored to the clients requests but I always aim to create images that demonstrate my devotion and passion for my work. From images full of colour to the high contrasts of black and white, my photography is know to always captures the imagination of my viewers.


As mentioned at the beginning, my ambition is to kick the 9 to 5 lifestyle and make photography my full time job. With this in mind, I wish to travel to various locations around Europe working with new and existing models whilst capturing the world around me and sharing it with others.

ALR Photography - Cluj-Napoca - Aaron Roberts