I have been shooting at special business events, providing services for corporate headshots and other professional services as well as photographing the place of business for use on websites and in advertising, and recently branched out into Real Estate photography.

My commercial services are tailored for each organisation but can be split into 4 main categories as below.

Corporate Photographs, Business Events and Marketing.


Corporate photographs can be anything from simple headshots on a clear white background or maybe something a little more interesting with in-action style photography.

Whatever your business chooses, I am sure that you will be more than pleased with the results.

I have worked with a number of businesses and organisations both across the UK, Spain and Romania since launching the corporate packages in 2013 and my clients have been very satisfied.


Whether you need a product photographed, or you just want to capture the atmosphere of your business, I can provide you with high quality photographs in high resolution which I can assure you that you and your customers will love.

Whether you need a fresh image for a flyer or a great shot of your business for online advertising, get in contact to see how ALR Photography can help you out!


Capturing important Commercial Events is an important part of demonstrating the value that your company has to offer your employees and the community.

Whether it is for fund-raising, seminars or even in-house events. Why not showcase the talent that your organisation has to offer and promote your company’s image at the same time.

I have worked with organisations both in the UK and in Romania which include JCIStartup Weekend and more.

Real Estate

I am offering competitive real-estate photography services to help you get great photos so that you can market you assets confidently. It’s very hard to judge a property by it’s photography but pretty much everyone does this before they actually visit the location.

Most of the time, it’s the difference between getting a call or getting none. My photos of your property will be some of the first impressions that your potential buyers or leasers will have. Great photos sell great property! It’s a fact.

All Images © Aaron Roberts / ALR Photography