Commercial Services

I specialise in capturing the essence of special business events, from delivering corporate headshots and professional services to photographing business premises for online and advertising use. Recently, I’ve expanded into Real Estate photography as well.

My commercial photography services are customised for each organisation, but generally fall into four primary categories:

Corporate Photography

This includes everything from straightforward headshots against a clean, white backdrop to more dynamic, in-action photographs.

Regardless of your business’s preference, I guarantee satisfaction with the results. Since the introduction of my corporate packages in 2013, I’ve collaborated with numerous businesses and organisations across the UK, Spain, and Romania, all of whom have been very pleased with my work.


If your needs include product photography or capturing the ambiance of your business environment, I’m here to provide high-quality, high-resolution images.

These photos are sure to be appreciated by you and your customers alike, whether they’re for a flyer or online advertising. Contact ALR Photography to discover how we can assist with your marketing imagery.


Documenting significant commercial events is crucial for showcasing your company’s value to employees and the community. From fundraisers and seminars to in-house events, let’s highlight and promote your organisation’s talent and image.

My experience includes working with entities in the UK and Romania, such as, The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Romania, JCI and Startup Weekend.

Real Estate

Similar to my marketing services, whether you’re looking to photograph a product or convey the atmosphere of your business, I offer high-quality, high-resolution photography.

Ideal for freshening up a flyer or capturing the perfect shot for online advertising, reach out to see how ALR Photography can support your real estate marketing needs. 

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