Thank you for hiring the studio! When renting the studio, there are a few basic rules that you must follow in order to ensure that your use of the space is both safe and respectful.

These rules also extend to any individuals who have been invited to the studio or who are attending as guests of other invitees.

All Activity in the studio must respect local laws

Under no circumstances should the studio be used to conduct illegal activity, regardless of how minor an offence it may be. ALR Photography will work with authorities to investigate and provide any required evidence to support any claims of illegal activity taking place during the rental of the studio.

No Smoking

It is not permitted to smoke inside of the studio and the building which it is situated. However, smoking is permitted outside of the studio and an ashtray can be provided if required.

Do not throw cigarettes or matches on the ground.

No Sub-Leasing

When you rent the studio, you rent it under your name with the expectation that you will be in attendance. Of course, you can send someone on your behalf, however, this should be communicated in advance. After all, you are responsible for any activity conducted in the studio.

In the event that it becomes known that the studio is being sub-leased, ALR Photography reserves the right to cancel the service prior to or during the delivery of services and charge for the full duration of the booking.

5 Persons Maximum

Realistically, the studio space can support up to 5 people comfortably. The studio backdrop is 2.73m wide, which means you are unlikely to fit all 8 people in one shot, however, you may have supporting staff, such as makeup artists, stylists or videographers which also need to use the space.

Please take this into consideration when arranging for people to arrive. It may be necessary to stagger the arrival of your guests in order to ensure that you don’t exceed the 8-person limit.

Cost Bearing

In the event that any equipment in the studio is needs repairing / replacing as the result of any misuse or carelessness, you will be expected to cover those costs.

Of course, there are some equipment which is considered “consumable”, such as bulbs and background paper. However, if these are damaged through carelessness or neglect, and the result is that the item needs repairing or replacing, then you accept that you may be required to pay up to 100% of the costs.

It won’t be necessary for each of your guests to provide identification, however, the individual who has been designated as being the person responsible for renting the studio will be required to present a valid form of identification upon their arrival.

This allows ALR Photography to ensure that the space is secure and that any and all matters can be held to account, should they arise.

Responsibility of Attendees

When renting the studio, you accept the responsibility, for all actions conducted by any other attendees or participants during the rental of the studio and any time that they remain on the premises.

Please ensure that all of your guests are familiar with the rules and guidelines for renting the studio, before they arrive.

Respect for Neighbouring Residences and Businesses

The studio is located in the centre of Cluj-Napoca, surrounded both by residents and by businesses. Some of these residents and businesses use the communal spaces, such as the courtyard and entryway. Rental of the studio should not prevent any resident or business from accessing the property, nor should it inconvenience or create disturbance.

Security Cameras

The studio is equipped with security cameras to safeguard both the premises and its visitors. There are instances where the camera in the studio can be switched off. However, prior agreement is necessary. Additionally, all attendees must provide valid identification, which will be recorded and retained for 7 days. This ensures we meet all legal requirements and continue to protect everyone involved and the studio itself.

Please ensure that all attendees conduct themselves in a considerate and respectful manner when on the property.