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Individual Prints

Individual prints are a great way to share and store your photos. Whether you have your own photo book that you want to add them to, or send them to a friend, or frame them on the wall, I can guarantee that you’ll love the quality of the photos and be more than happy with the results.

Available in a range of sizes, printed and ready within 72 hours*

All measurements are in centimeters and prices are per image. Special pricing is available for large quantities of images.

9×130.85 Lei
10×151.00 Lei
13×181.50 Lei
15×211.75 Lei
20×205.00 Lei
20×306.00 Lei
20×407.00 Lei
30×309.00 Lei
30×4012.00 Lei
20×6013.00 Lei
30×4515.00 Lei
30×6017.00 Lei
30×8025.00 Lei
30×9030.00 Lei
Photo Albums - ALR Photography

Photo Albums

Whether it’s a portfolio of your finest photos, a photo album for friends and family or an album of some of your most precious photos, capturing important moments that you want to re-live, I can be sure that you’ll absolutely love these photo albums.

Available in a range of sizes and designs, printed and ready within 72 hours*

All measurements are in centimeters and prices are per photo album.

20 Pages

15×15200 Lei
20×20215 Lei
20×30260 Lei
30×30320 Lei

30 Pages

20×20250 Lei
20×30325 Lei
30×30410 Lei

30 Pages

15×15270 Lei
20×20300 Lei
20×30390 Lei
Delivery of Prints*

Although I endeavour to have your prints ready for collection within 72 hours of the order being finalised, there are occasions in which this may not be possible, for example, public holidays, force majeure and other situations beyond my control. I will ensure that you are kept updated throughout the entire process.

Important Information

I always guarantee the high quality of the print products that are offered through my services, however, it’s important to know that print products can appear differently than on digital displays.

Whenever purchasing prints, please understand that all purchases are final, and unless there is a genuine defect with the product (ex. damaged prints, visible printing defects) no refunds can be offered.

Whenever purchasing a photo album, you should ensure that you fill each available page on the product specification. Image collages / arrangements will be performed by me in a logical format. However, if you wish to create a custom layout for your photos, this can be arranged.